The outfits you wear to a ranch resort are an important part of your vacation experience. Whether you’re riding, hiking, swimming or relaxing on the porch, you’ll want to be comfortable and prepared for any situation.

Because the weather can change quickly, you’ll need many layers. You’ll also want to bring a rain jacket.

Comfortable Clothes

When planning your next ranch vacation, it is important to consider what to wear. You can dress up to impress your guests, or you can relax in your casual attire and just enjoy the company of your friends. If you are going to be riding horses, it is a good idea to pack jeans for horseback riding (preferably ones with no inside leg-seam) and closed toed shoes like cowboy boots or tennis shoes.

Vests and long sleeves are essential for protection from the elements. Rain slickers are available at many ranches, but you should bring your own!

Gloves are an essential part of a ranch experience. Gloves should be made of durable leather to keep your hands dry and warm while you ride.

A pair of great cowboy boots can make a big difference in your experience at a ranch. You’ll want to look for brands that have a reputation for reliability and quality like Ariat, Justin, Corral or Old West boots.

A hat will be a necessity for anyone going to the ranch. It is important to have a hat because the weather can change rapidly so you want to be comfortable. A brimmed cap is a good choice, as it protects your head from sun damage and keeps your head dry.

Jackets that are wind-resistant and provide insulation are the best for a dude ranch. Aimn has a number of high-performance options including windbreakers, fur coats, fleece jackets and reversible jackets that are designed to keep you warm even in the coldest of conditions.

What do you wear to a ranch resort
What do you wear to a ranch resort

It’s a good idea to pack a few pairs of the appropriate sized sunglasses as well. The right-sized glasses will protect your eyes from glare and dirt.

Riding Clothes

If you plan to spend your vacation at a ranch resort you will need to ensure you have the right clothes for the activities. No matter if you plan on riding horses, hiking, or exploring the local area, comfortable clothes will allow you to move in comfort.

Many dude ranches offer a wide range of riding clothes for guests, including long jeans or horseback riding boots. It is also a good idea to bring a pair of shoes that will be suitable for walking around the ranch and hiking.

It is important that you protect yourself from the sun when you ride in the sunshine. This is why it is important to wear sunglasses and a hat on your ranch vacation. You may also need to cover your arms and hands if you are going to be riding for a long time.

During the summer months, you will need to wear long-sleeve shirts that will prevent you from getting too hot in the sun. You can also bring sweatshirts and hoodies to keep cool in cooler weather.

Your ranch vacation will likely include some time spent in the water, so bring a bathing suit. This is useful for activities such as white-water rafting, power tubing, fishing, and power tubing. You can also wear a swimsuit to relax in the pool after a day of exploring.

It’s possible for the weather to change quickly in desert so it is a good idea that you bring a raincoat along with a light jacket. Check with your ranch resort to find out if they have a selection.

When it comes to riding clothing, the best choice is a pair of jean-style pants that are loose and stretchy. These will be the most comfortable for riding and will help you avoid rubbing your knees or ankles. Leggings and tights made from stretchy, comfortable fabric can be worn as well.

Hiking Clothes

There are many activities you can enjoy at a ranch resort, including horseback riding, hiking, relaxing by a creek, or swimming. No matter what your plans are, you’ll need comfortable clothing to wear on the trip.

Depending on the time of year, you may want to pack a variety of clothing items to suit the weather. A mix of long-sleeve and shorter-sleeve shirts is best, along with light-weight pants and a rain jacket or jacket.

  1. Hiking Pants – Lightweight, tightly woven (typically polyester or nylon), breathable, quick-drying pants for daily wear while on hikes.
  2. Hiking Shirts – Choose a wicking, light-weight t-shirt for hot days or a UPF-rated long-sleeve shirt for cold weather.
  3. Hats – Bring a wide-brimmed or a cap with a sun cape attached to protect your head and neck from the intense desert heat and/or sunburn.
  4. Wool Shirts or Sweaters – A merino wool shirt or pullover is an excellent choice for hikers, offering warmth and comfort.
  5. Wool Fleece – Wool is one of the best natural fibers for hiking, providing superior warmth and comfort while remaining lightweight.
  6. Rain Jacket or Wind/Rain Shell – When the weather is threatening, a waterproof jacket with a waterproof/breathable membrane helps to block rain and wind while allowing moisture to escape.
  7. Water Shoes / Boots – You don’t need to bring heavy boots, but sturdy shoes can help protect your feet from rocks and roots while also providing the necessary traction for the trails on your trip.
  8. Bandana – If you’re worried about sunburn or insect bites, a cotton bandana is a great place to start. It will protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and wipe off sweat from your face, which can be very useful for long rides.
  9. Water Shoes / Boots: If you plan to swim at the resort pools, you will need water shoes or boots. If the resort has a river, bring your own swimsuit and appropriate footwear to protect your feet from debris in the water and to be safe during rafting.